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Imaging the liver and biliary tract

A variety of modalities is available to image the liver and biliary tract, many offering complementary information; a combination of techniques is often required to make the diagnosis or determine optimal patient management. Ultrasonography (US) is commonly used as the primary investigation as it is safe, cheap and widely available. Computed tomography (CT) has a …

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Drug-induced liver injury

Lack of substantial advances in pre-clinical testing for hepatotoxicity has meant that drug-induced liver injury (DILI) remains an important issue during both the drug development and post-marketing phases. A number of drug-related, genetic and non-genetic host factors influence the risk of DILI in any individual. Demonstration of human leukocyte antigen genotype as a strong risk …

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Histological assessment

Histopathological assessments play an important role in the diagnosis and management of patients with liver disease. For some conditions, liver biopsy is still routinely used to establish the cause of liver disease. In other circumstances, evaluation of morphological changes provides additional information that is useful for clinical management, for example when assessing disease severity in …

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Maribavir for Preemptive Treatment

Maribavir is a benzimidazole riboside with activity against cytomegalovirus (CMV). The safety and efficacy of maribavir for preemptive treatment of CMV infection in transplant recipients is not known. Design adds clarity. Using colour, typo graphy, hierarchy, contrast, and all the other tools at their disposal, designers can take an unordered jumble of… In a phase …

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